[IBL] Stats spreadsheet coming soon, hopefully

Russell Peltz peltz38 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 30 17:20:54 EST 2015

As I have been doing each year, I will be sending out a spreadsheet with stats and splits for all players, including a separate sheet for draft-eligible players.
However, it is dependent on the play-by-play data from retrosheet.org being available.Some years it's ready in November, but last year it wasn't posted until December 14.As soon as it's available, I'll run my scripts and send out the spreadsheet.

Make sure you have your releases in by tonight so we can have the official free agent list ready to go.
Trading is allowed starting tomorrow...but I will ask you to hold off on sending them in until the registrar is finished processing the releases and gives the green light.

Russell Peltz 
peltz38 at yahoo.com, rpeltz at daybreakgames.com
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