[IBL] SFP releases and roster with new team designations

Santa Fe Prairie Dogs sfp at lemerithew.com
Wed Nov 25 14:10:05 EST 2015

(All players are listed with new team designations)


CHA Beckham (usage)
CHA Nieto [UC16]
LAA Robertson (decent singles hitter, and that's all)
PIT Tabata (limited MLB PA that can be better used elsewhere)

KC Chamberlain (questionable card for IBL16)
TB Beliveau [UC16]

Updated roster

ARI Gosselin 	
ATL Peterson
BOS Holt 	
CHA GarciaA. 	
CHA Olt 	
CLE Ramirez 
KC Perez 	
LAN Gonzalez 	
LAN Pederson 
MIA Prado
NYA Ackley
NYA Murphy 	 	
PHI Asche 	
SD UptonM. (formerly B.J.) 	 	
SEA Miller 
TOR Carrera	
TOR Smoak 	

CIN DeSclafani	
HOU McHugh 	
HOU Neshek
KC Duffy 	
LAA Santiago 	
LAN Avilan  	
MIA Morris 	
MIA Phelps 	
OAK Chavez 	
OAK Pomeranz 	
SEA Hernandez 	
TEX Feliz 	


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