[IBL] IBL: NCDS (CAN @ MNM) Game 1 - Thursday at 9:30pm EST

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Tue Nov 17 14:05:03 EST 2015

Hi all – The National Conference Divisional Series is slated to begin
Thursday evening at 9:30pm EST.  Canberra will be visiting Minneapolis.  All
are, of course, welcome.

It appears, however, there is one battle CAN has already won: the
pre-series media scrum.  CAN began its campaign of playing the underdog
card weeks ago, claiming its playoff roster ranked among history’s
worst.  Then,
with CSG returning as defending champion, winning copiously at the end of
the season, and winning 3 of 4 against SKY in the first round, MNM’s
decision between CSG and CAN has been characterized in some quarters as
“easy.”  CAN has done nothing to dispel the conventional wisdom.

Removing for a moment the gamesmanship sheen cast expertly by CAN, reality
begins to look very different.  CAN boasts a deep and very powerful lineup,
with EX and VG power and 200+ slugging slashes all over his projected
starting nine.  That power should play well in MNM’s small home park.  MNM
on the other hand has power of the warning track variety, leading the
league in . . . doubles.  CAN’s pitching staff, anchored by Chris Sale at
the front and Wade Davis at the back, is built for the playoffs.

And when the leather must be applied, CAN has moves like Ozzie.  His
defense up-the-middle and at 3b is elite, with Cano, Ramirez, and Arenado
sporting B and C ranges.  They will again benefit from MNM’s home field,
which gives a +1 bonus to infield range rankings, making his infield
largely impenetrable.

CAN one of playoff history’s worst rosters?  A choice between CSG and CAN a
gimme?  With CAN’s owner recently moved from London to the US’s eastern
time zone, sounds like he’s wasted little time in using the East Coast
press for his purposes while Minneapolis’ phone never rings in what is
appropriately known as the State of . . . Hockey.

A n MLB player recently shared that Dusty Baker, when managing the Giants,
exalted the opposing Atlanta Braves during a press conference, and then
went behind clubhouse doors and told his players that he didn’t believe a
word of what he had just said and that the Giants went going to stomp the
Braves.  And so they did.  Our sources tell us CAN is ripping a page out of
Dusty’s playbook, decrying CAN’s chances publically while telling his
players they are the better squad.
Unfortunately for MNM, CAN may just be right!
- David and Paul (MNM)
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