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Mon Nov 16 17:33:05 EST 2015

For the players on my roster that fell with resigning usage, the following are released:
COL BarnesTB Rodriguez (now PIT)PIT SanchezT. [UC 16]NYA CapuanoARI delaRosaDET Kelly [UC 16]
A couple of notes, I will be staying on as caretaker of EDG during the off season while a new owner is found. Thanks to everyone. Unfortunately, I am sighting time and health concerns for not staying on in a more direct role. 
I will stay on thru the off season. One other note....EDG#1 is 99.999% not available for trade. Unless you package Trout and Arrieta together, LOL.  Anyway, I plan on using that pick to hopefully land a blue chip to go along with Soler, d'Arnaud and few of other young pieces that EDG had. Thanks again!
Rob Lennon Edgemoor Cannons 

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