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Below are the SDQ roster designations.  I've included the players released
by SDQ as well.

BAL Schoop 2nd Round (15)
CIN Cozart 2nd Round (12)
CLE Chisenhall 1st Round (12)
COL Ynoa 5th Round (15)
OAK Butler Trade BAL 03/12
HOU Conger Trade BAL 06/15
LAN VanSlyke Trade GTY 08/14
MIL Maldonado 3rd Round (13)
PIT Marte Trade CAN 03/13
CLE Almonte Free Agent 08/14
SD Liriano   [UC16]
CIN Duvall Free Agent 06/15
TB Loney Trade SCS 07/08
KC Rios        Trade GTY 01/15
TOR Goins 5th Round (14)
TOR Pillar 6th Round (14)
WAS Ramos 2nd Round (11)

BAL Tillman Trade NJR 07/13
LAA Tropeano 4th Round (15)
MIN Perkins Trade HAV 08/11
PHI Buchanan 3rd Round (15)
PIT Morton 3rd Round 09
OAK Hahn        1st Round (15)
SD Vincent Trade KAT 06/15
TEX Bonilla [UC16]
TOR Buehrle 2nd Round 01
WAS Clippard 6th Round 08

Free Agents (Released by SDQ)
CHA Davidson [UC16]
ATL Bourn
CHA Guerra [UC16]
NYN Matsuzaka  [UC16 - retired from MLB, now with Fukuoka Softbank Hawks]
COL Kendrick
CHN Medina
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