[IBL] Newsletter 11-12-2015

Brent Cunningham gettysburg.generals at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 12:16:00 EST 2015

All, I've volunteered to oversee the draft order lottery.  We'll schedule
it for 8:30 pm central time next Thursday, November 19th.

All are welcome to come and test their rollbot luck for their own team.
Draft pick order in each tier will be determined by highest to lowest roll,
so root for those pitcher card 6-4-3 double plays when you roll!

Example first tier:

TRI - roll result is 473
BAL - roll result is 007
HAV - roll result is 893
SFP - roll result is 248
EDG - roll result is 611

The first tier draft order in this example would be:   1. HAV   2. EDG  3.
TRI  4. SFP  5. BAL

Then we'd all get a funny email from Doug about how I jinxed him and he
"had to settle for" Francisco Lindor.

Hope to see you all there!


On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 11:31 PM, Russell Peltz via Members <
members at lists.ibl.org> wrote:

> -------
> All results and boxscores are now in except week 27 CAN at SFP.
> Stats are final for all other teams.
> ----------------
> Playoffs are underway and results are being tracked here:
> http://wiki.ibl.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/2015-playoff-schedule
> -----------
> We will be scheduling the draft order lottery soon.  If anyone wants
> to volunteer to schedule and run the lottery on IRC, let me know.
> The rules, as always:
> Each team is assigned to a tier determined by number of playoff appearances
> over the last three seasons.  The roll will determine the order the teams
> pick within each tier in the 1st round and all other odd numbered rounds.
> The order is reversed within each tier for even numbered rounds of the
> draft.
> In every round, Tier 0 teams pick first, followed by Tier 1, then Tier 2,
> then Tier 3.
> Tier 0:  TRI, BAL, HAV, SFP, EDG
> Tier 2:  MAD, MNM, CSG, CAN, SEA
> Tier 3:  COU, PHI, ODM
> -------------
> You are allowed to keep any player on your roster who finished the IBL
> season
> between 75% and 133% usage, inclusive.  Any player outside that range will
> be
> automatically released, unless you send a usage appeal with your argument
> for
> why the usage requirement should be waived.  Send appeals to phi at ibl.org
> by
> November 30.
> The usage page for your team in the Almanac (e.g.,
> http://almanac.ibl.org/Usage/PHI.html) will be considered official as it
> uses
> the official stats.  You do not need to appeal any players unless the page
> shows
> them with a positive number in the "w/Inj 75%" column, or shows them with a
> negative number in the "133%" column.
> --------
> Please send in a list of players you wish to release.  Include in your
> list any
> players you are forced to release because of usage.  All releases must be
> received by November 30.  Shortly after the release deadline, we will
> create
> and send out a list of all carded players and a list of players available
> for
> the draft.
> ----------------
> By December 1st we should have a draft order and all releases should be in.
> At that point I plan to send a spreadsheet with stats for all players
> eligible for the draft, assuming the Retrosheet play-by-play data is
> available
> by then.  Teams are then allowed to make a pick when it is their turn.
> ------
> Trades may be made starting on December 1.
> -Rusty
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Russell Peltz
> peltz38 at yahoo.com, rpeltz at daybreakgames.com
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