[IBL] SDQ Release and team needs

Larry Selleck lms4th at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 08:25:10 EST 2015


SDQ releases:
CHA Davidson [UC16]
CLE Bourn (now ATL Bourn)
NYN Matsuzaka (retired, [UC16])
CHA Guerra
COL Kendrick
SEA Medina (now CHN Medina)

SDQ is tier one for the upcoming draft and looking strong to move up to
tier 0 next season!

Team needs are:

3B:  Only have Chisenhall as an option, but he may fill in at RF.
SS:  CIN Cozart (Major injury) and TOR Goins (all glove, no bat)

Total of 9 pitchers on the roster ...
SP:  TOR Buehrle, PIT Morton, BAL Tillman ... my "ace" of these three is a
#4/#5 starter on most IBL teams.  Hahn, Tropeano, Buchanan equals 1 starter
... maybe,
RP:  Perkins, Clippard ... given SPs will be lucky to last 6 IP leaves a
big gap!

LF is fine with Marte as is CF with Pillar.
RF getting old, combo of Rios and Chisenhall filling in.
1B is Loney ... getting old, still hits for a good average
C is combo of Ramos and Conger
2B is Schoop

Looking forward to those offers!

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