[IBL] Newsletter 11-08-2015

Nelson Lu nlu at me.com
Sun Nov 8 23:56:24 EST 2015

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> Two playoff spots are still up for grabs.  The New Jersey Riptide can clinch the 
> second AC Wild Card spot with one victory in their week 27 series @ COU.  If
> they get swept, they will finish tied with the Portland Raptors and will need
> to play a one-game playoff on the off day following week 27.  PAD holds the
> tiebreaker advantage for home field advantage over NJR, but POR holds the
> advantage over PAD.
> In the NC, the Seattle Rainiers and Oakdsterdam Bombers finished tied at
> 88-74 and need to play a one game playoff on the off day following week 27.
> The other spots have been clinched:
> AC East:  Chicago Cougars
> AC Central:  Philadelphia Phantasm (top seed)
> AC West:  Motor City Marauders
> NC East:  Minneapolis Millers (top seed)
> NC Central:  Canberra Redbacks
> AC Wild Card:  LA Devils of Palo Alto
> NC Wild Card #1:  Southern Kentucky Hilltoppers
> NC Wild Card #2:  Casper Ghosts

Actually, regardless, PAD is going to be Wild Card #1: POR finished three games behind, so if they get that other wildcard, they’ll be #2.  If NJR gets the other wildcard and wins all remaining three games, they do tie us, but we hold the tiebreaker.  If there is a one-game tiebreaker, it’ll be POR at NJR as NJR holds the tiebreaker over POR.

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