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I'd still consider offers on a lot of these guys, so if you want to
solidify your team, let me know.

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 5:45 PM, Brent Cunningham <
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> With a weak offense and shallow bullpen, I think there are too many holes
> for me to fill this year to justify spending a bunch of draft picks to have
> a chance to compete to go deep in the playoffs.  That said, I have some
> very good cards that could help contenders.  I'm willing to discuss anyone
> on my roster; I figure if I'm going to rebuild I may as well make everyone
> available.  I'm looking for early round draft picks in next year's draft
> and young prospects.  I will give preference to #1 pick offers even if I
> have to combine a guy with one of my picks or a couple guys (within
> reason).  If you think we match up, *make an offer*.
> *Pitching*
> *CIN Cueto-WAS Zimmermann-OAK Lester* - I'd likely only trade 1 of the
> 3.  Start with a #1 pick in your offer, because it'll take at least that.
> *LAA Skaggs* - Recovering from TJ surgery, but has a pretty nice card.
> I'm content to wait it out on his recovery, but if you need a decent lefty
> SP, he's available.
> *LAA Wilson* - Decent card, a little vulnerable vR, but in a bigger park
> could be very useful since that would neutralize the DF factor.
> Bullpen - Pretty much anyone is available.  CLE Shaw, LAN Jansen, LAN
> Howell should be of particular interest to deepen your pen, CLE Hagadone
> and SD Torres are OK, and the others are prospect-y types.
> *Hitting*
> C - Not much to see here.  I likely won't deal Wieters as I think he'll
> come back fine.  Ross and Nieves could be dealt if you need a backup.
> 1B* (BAL Davis, MIN Mauer, HOU Singleton)* - Any of them could be dealt.
> Mauer has a nice OBP card with decent extra base hit power vR, and runs at
> a 5, with 9/E defense.  Davis is his power and high K self, with 9/D
> defense.  Singleton is a prospect in the mold of Davis.
> 2B *(PHI Utley, CLE Aviles, KC Colon)* - Utley has a really nice card,
> especially against righties, and has 7/D- defense and 3/10/0 run/steal/jump
> also, 8 durability.  Aviles makes a great utility man with good defense and
> 4/9/2 run/steal/jump.  Colon is a prospect with a zoid card (seriously,
> like 75 xbh vL and 96 vR, along with 4/F defense), not a ton of PA's, but
> could make a huge difference against division rivals.
> SS *(TEX Andrus, CLE Aviles)* - Andrus is very good vL and decent vR,
> with 5/8/3 run/steal/jump.  I fully expect him to bounce back in MLB, and
> he plays a premium position.
> 3B *(TB Longoria)* - He'd be a tough trade as he's my only "real" 3B, but
> I'd consider it at least.  Vg/Vg power.
> LF *(CLE Brantley)* - Great card, and he's only 27.  Great slash lines,
> 3/13/1 run/steal/jump, durable.  It'd take *a lot* to get him, but I'll
> listen.
> CF *(TB Jennings)* - Very nice card, with good OBP, decent xbh power, and
> 5/9/1 run/steal/jump.  He's my only "real" CF, so I'd have a tough time
> dealing him; looks early on like he might be eligible in CF and LF next
> year if this pace keeps up.
> RF *(DET Hunter, COL Cuddyer, OAK Gentry)* - Yeah, Hunter is old.  He
> also has a great card, runs well, and has Vg/Vg power.  COL Cuddyer is a
> zoid vL and great vR too, Ex/Ex power.  Gentry is a decent OBP guy with
> great base-stealing ability, Vg bunting, and an E range in RF.  Nice late
> game pr/defense guy.
> -Brent (GTY)
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